Maryland Winter Strength and Conditioning


To enhance strength, power, and speed while teaching proper technique that will improve performance and decrease the risk of injury.


Improving strength is always a goal of a serious athlete. The best way to improve performance is through an integrated workout that includes flexibility, cardiorespiratory, plyometric, core, speed, agility, balance, and multiplanar resistance training. This winter workout program will incorporate all these components of training and give the athlete the best opportunity to see improvements in their game. Baseball players need training which teaches the player to use multiple muscle areas simultaneously (ie. biceps, shoulders, core and lower body all working together in a single exercise) rather than traditional workouts which work each muscle group separately.  Most workout programs do not include all components of training and leave the athlete with an imbalance that hinders performance and increases the risk of injury.


General Outline

The workouts will last 45 minutes. The first 10 minutes will consist of a dynamic warm up with emphasis on proper stretching.  The next 20 minutes focus on resistance training. Following the resistance training will be 10 minutes of cardiovascular training which will include speed, agility, and endurance exercises. The last 5 minutes will be a proper cool down stretch.


Every Sunday we will put up the workout schedule sign-up sheet on the website under the current player login tab.  This sheet will have the days and times we will be working out for that week.  Please fill out what days you will be able to attend.  We may cancel a workout if only 1 or 2 players sign-up.

Start Date

Monday, November 27th


Elite Baseball Maryland Facility

Cost: $15 per session