1. How many players will be on a tournament team roster? We will carry 13-15 players on a tournament roster

2. How many players will be on a league team roster? We will carry 14-18 players on a league team roster

3. How many players bat/play on the tournament team? We will bat the entire lineup except the pitcher(s) scheduled to pitch that specific game. Exceptions would be if a player is constantly missing games and practices

4. When and Where are practices? Practices will mainly be held at Good Counsel high. We have not determined practice days at this point. Practices will start between 4pm and 6pm

5. What time are games during the week? Games will start at 6pm during the week

6. What color pants should we wear? Can they have piping? White pants, and they can have piping of any color

7. What happens if I don’t make my high school spring team? You still have a spot with our program

8. What is PBR Scout Day? PBR scout day is where Prep Baseball Report comes and runs a workout where they video our players doing a defensive showcase, on field batting practice, and bullpens. They also record measureables such as 60 yard dash, exit velocity, and throwing velocity. The video and stats are then entered into PBR’s national database.

9. What is the PBR World Series? The PBR World Series will be an event where we place all of our 15/16u players into a draft and have our Elite Coaches draft them into teams. We then play a mini tournament locally to see who wins. The winning team will receive some sort of gear (this fall it was Under Armour Backpacks). The event will be covered by PBR Maryland, who will be tweeting out highlights and recording pitching velocities and other metrics.

10. How much does the PBR Scout Day/World Series Cost? We have not determined the final amount just yet but we expect it to be $200-300. If you make your team deposit before Dec.1, you will receive $100 off whatever the PBR program cost is.

11. How many teams are in the league? We are expecting 6-8

12. Can I choose to just play in the league and not tournaments? Yes, the fee for league only is $1,600. You will play 13-15 games, practice 1-2 days a week, and have 1-2 weekends with doubleheaders.